Bar Design


A vibrant interior giving its customers a taste of Brazil with a luxury twist.

We were tasked with creating an interior with a Brazilian flavour but with a luxury feel, while also helping to develop a brand to match.


The interior combines bold wallpaper prints, vibrant upholstery and authentic planting. The frontage and ceiling raft of the bar area has antique bronze detailing to infuse luxury into the space. Routed timber paneling was used throughout at low level, adding both texture but also protection and practicality, a key consideration in this type of interior.


Utilising and working with architectural features is key in all interior projects, and the treatment of the existing ceiling coffers was an important consideration. We continued the vibrant colour pallet, as well as using feature wallpaper treatments. Lighting clusters intertwined with planting helped zone the interior, giving key focal points throughout the space.


Not only did we create the interior concept, we were also able to work with our client on the brand as a whole, helping to develop the name, logo and digital marketing. Our client wanted the brand to be interspersed with subtle references to its Brazilian roots. The name ‘Beleza’ was chosen meaning ‘beautiful’ in Brazil, whilst a bull features in the logo as a nod towards the Rodizio-style service  Working with our trusted partners, we have also supported Beleza’s digital marketing efforts, helping to create a strong and consistent brand presence.

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