Tapri (Bar & Grill)

The creation of a welcoming and relaxed dining experience, with a focus on authentic Indian cuisine.

Restaurant Design

Tapri already had its key values and goals in place; the aim was to create a relaxed, welcoming environment with a focus on their authentic north Indian cuisine. We worked with our client on not only the interior of their new restaurant, but also the creation of a new brand identity.

Interior Details

While we were briefed with creating a modern interior space, we also believed it was vital to add a feeling of warmth, texture and colour, reflecting Tapri’s food offering. We used a mix of routed timber panelling and textured tiling, whilst also stripping the original timber flooring to bring a depth to the concept. Injections of colour through upholstery and geometric wallpaper added vibrancy and helped the space offer a true representation of the brand. 

Furniture specification
Logo Design

It was vital Tapri’s branding worked hand in hand with the interior space, creating a consistent message across all channels. Not only did we work with our client to create a new brand logo, we also designed all communication elements, from exterior signage through to menus and takeaway packaging.

Tapri now has a brand and interior concept that truly represents them. We have been delighted to see that their launch has been such a success, we can’t wait to see them go from strength to strength. 

Lighting Design

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