A unique venue with an impressive interior, impeccable service & irresistible atmosphere.
An independent restaurant based in the Midlands which involved transforming a run down retail unit into a chic restaurant and bar. Our client, DJ and producer Nathan Dawe wanted to bring something new and exciting to his home town of Burton by creating a venue that felt luxurious enough for people to talk about and travel for, but attainable enough to not feel pretentious.
We combined luxury finishes with industrial, refined materials to create the juxtaposition between the two. Colourful planting is located throughout the venue keeping the space fresh while adding an element of ‘wow’ and a window frame system has been introduced to allow natural light in while adding an air of mystique to passers by. We played with a range of adjustable and layered lighting to enable the mood to be switched up depending on the time of day.
An absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. I came with a vision and they took it to another level. The first design they showed me turned out to be the final design as it was so amazing! Kayleigh and Matt were fantastic throughout going above and beyond to achieve our opening date. Highly recommended. You get what you pay for!! Thank you guys
Nathan Dawe
DJ and producer

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