F & B Design

Whether you are a well-known restauranteur or an enthusiastic startup, we thrive on creating exciting, original interior concepts that reflect your brand.

From high-end restaurants to local cafes, our focus is on designing sense driven experiences that engage your customers, encourage them to tell their friends and ultimately return time and time again.  We combine branding with innovative interior design and meticulous space planning to create dynamic concepts that deliver, whatever your budget. We like to push boundaries and we strive to create trends rather than to follow them. We can be as hands on as you like and are more than happy to provide guidance from beginning to end. We can source, specify and procure all of the elements required to turn the concept into a reality. We love the ambitious and courageous nature of our clients, allowing us to join them on their journey to bring their vision to life. 

Retail Design

Combining retail expertise and future thinking to create experiential concepts that capture the essence of your brand.

From large scale rollout to independent retail, we combine branding, interior design and imaginative thinking to develop successful concepts that bolster your brand, stimulate customer experience and ultimately drive sales. We focus on the customer journey and layer in store driven experiences that are relatable to all other channels within your business, integrating digital interaction that offers real value. This approach allows your customers to gain greater insight into a product, enhancing their in-store experience to form a lasting relationship with your brand. 


We can develop bespoke or enhance off-the-shelf merchandising systems that allow your product offering to come to the fore. Our vast experience in the real needs of retailers means we develop concepts that offer the flexibility, practicality and impact necessary to deliver.

Workplace Design

Our aim is to design a workplace solution that reflects your business while focusing around the culture you want to create. 

The design of your workplace can have a major impact on the success of your business, from improving the wellbeing and productivity of your staff, to allowing you to attract and retain the very best talent, to building the right company culture.


We create concepts that offer flexible and engaging human-focused interiors that bring out the very best in your team. Whether it’s areas for collaboration, private spots for focus and concentration or more sociable areas for team gatherings, we’ll have all aspects covered. Our goal is to create the very best environment for both staff and company to reach their full potential. 


We delve into the fundamentals of your brand and use them to act as foundations for your positioning within the marketplace.   

We believe a streamlined, multi-channel offering is essential to business success. It’s imperative that all your touchpoints are consistent, your brand positioning is clear and your tone of voice is engaging. An amazing looking venue will have a better chance of success if the branding fundamentals are in place from the start. We can help with the creation of your brand through workshops, analysis and positioning. We also offer help with social media, strategy and content, packaging design, website design, as well as PR and marketing. 

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