A Happy Workplace Design

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Over recent years how and where we work has changed and building a happy workplace has never felt more key. Happy employees are paramount to building a successful business so it’s no surprise that employers are focusing more on how to achieve a positive and happy workplace. With this, the designing of the space itself is a great place to start and there are plenty of great ways to modernise your workspace for the ‘new normal’ without the need for a full redesign or fit-out. 


Just like everywhere, trends in workplace design come and go, but there is a handful that we believe will stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways we feel you can create a happy workspace with some quick wins for every budget. 


Creating a ‘home from home’ environment. 

With the pandemic transforming the way we work, many of us became accustomed to working from home and enjoyed the home comforts that came along with that. Businesses have realised that creating spaces that reflect our lives outside of work means their employees feel more comfortable and with this, more productive as a result. 


Bringing the outside in. 

Biophilic office design has been trending for a number of years, and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Introducing greenery into an office environment can not only improve its aesthetics but it’s proven that being in and around nature can improve mental health and reduce stress levels while also helping to create cleaner air through the absorption of C02. 


Making use of outdoor areas such as rooftops and terraces can also be hugely beneficial. Utilising them as extensions of the office not only offers additional working space but also increases exposure to natural light, therefore, improving alertness and productivity.  If you’re looking to introduce greenery into your workplace and reap the benefits of biophilic design, a corporate horticulture specialist like Plant Plan can help. We were asked to contribute to Plant Plan’s Happy Workplace Guide who are specialists in Office Planting.



Considering the environmental impact of designing a new workplace is becoming more important to an increasing number of businesses. Inevitably this will continue to increase and therefore, material, furniture, and efficient energy choices are hugely important. Manufacturers are conscious of this shift and are reacting with new innovative products which offer new and exciting ways of creating concepts for workplace interiors. A win-win for businesses and the planet!


Design updates for every budget

If budgets are tight, there are a few quick wins that can improve the interior of an office environment without the need for a complete redesign or fit-out and give the calming sense of updating your space. 


  • Consider your layout. 

It’s important to take screen breaks and unwind every now and again, so creating a space for employees to do this can be hugely beneficial. Look at ways to rearrange existing furniture to make room for a chill-out area. Introduce soft furnishings, comfy seating and good lighting to create an alternative space for staff to spend time away from their desks. 


  • Have a spring clean. 

A good clearout can be very satisfying and beneficial for both the employer and their staff. Ensure there’s plenty of storage so everything has a place and if possible, go paperless. This will save space and help the environment. After all, a clear desk can clear the mind. 


  • Introduce greenery. 

Plants are a relatively cheap way of bringing colour and vibrancy into an office. They instantly create a welcoming atmosphere and are a great way of enhancing general well-being. 


  • Consider scent. 

The smell of an office can have more of an effect on performance than you might think. Consider introducing air diffusers throughout the office in scents such as jasmine and peppermint, proven to boost mood and energy levels.


  • Declutter and modernise

 It’s a common pitfall for offices to hold on to what they have for far too long. We see plenty of out-of-date, tired offices that could benefit from being modernised. The way we work has dramatically changed since the pandemic, and we think it’s important that companies recognise, embrace this and invest in their working environments. Competition to attract new talent is tough, so companies need to offer much more to attract and retain staff.


Creating a comfortable and inviting space that people want to work in is a key element in achieving a happy workplace for your staff. Considering these ideas can make a real difference to your space and the productivity levels within it. However, if you are considering a redesign or complete refit we’re here to help. If you have an idea in mind or want to find out more about what we can do for you, feel free to learn more about our Workplace Design services and we will happily discuss your project further.